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We Are Passionate About Inspiring Educators

Global Arts believes in offering continual opportunities for the growth of our communities' educators. We will provide professional development workshops on a

bi-weekly basis as a way to inspire educators and provide them with new knowledge and tools that they can incorporate into their classrooms. We believe that the best educators are constantly seeking to expand their knowledge of educational and interpersonal skills so that they may better inspire their students. 

These workshops will be held on Friday afternoons, and sessions will focus on various educational topics, including but not limited to: teacher training, educational development, study of child psychology, awareness of social justice, conducting, repertoire workshops, instrument pedagogy, and El Sistema. Please check out our upcoming sessions and sign up with the attached form!

Educational Workshops
Musical Workshops
  • Teacher Training & Classroom Management

  • Educational Psychology & Development

  • Social Justice in Today's World

  • Mental Health of Students and Teachers

  • Repertoire Selection Workshops

  • Conducting for Musicians & Educators

  • Instrument Pedagogy for Large Ensembles

  • El Sistema's Musical Influence

Professional Development

Fall 2020 Workshops

Upcoming Events
Fri, Sep 25
Location is TBD
Emory Williamson
Mental Heath for Students and Educators
Fri, Oct 09
Location is TBD
Lorrie Heagy
Early Childhood Development and Classroom Engagement
Fri, Oct 23
Location is TBD
Ndindi Kitonga
Fri, Nov 06
Location is TBD
Marianne Diaz
Trauma Informed Counseling Services

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